Martians, Yaks and Phone Home

Sixteen year-old Abbie lives with her slightly crazy Grandma Wishbone on a farm in Iowa. They have a pet yak named Moose, and one of the barns has been converted into a ballroom. Every Thursday, Grandma Wishbone and her cronies fire up their fiddles and do the two-step and Achy Breaky Heart. The vast and themed gardens are a labyrinth, where it has been said small children have wandered off and never been found. One day, while seeing to the weeding in the black and gold Hawkeye garden, Abbie runs across a young man, pulling weeds. Thinking he’s one of the lost garden children (there have been a few, but none as old as this one), Abbie introduces herself and asks where he’s from, intent upon returning him to his home. It’s not until he shows Abbie his antennae, that she finally believes he’s what he says he is. A Martian.


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