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Taking a new path

I’m taking a new path. Possibly you’ve figured that out due to the title line. You’re a smart cookie for sure! =) This weekend, after a frustrating two weeks of plotting, re-plotting, dreaming, nightmares etc., I’ll finally be getting back … Continue reading

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Wrong Way!

So, I think I’ve taken a mis-step in my ms. I’m zooming along, writing, actually giggling as I write. And suddenly, I’m not. I’m (gasp) working. And I don’t like it. So, I stewed on it. Ate a few cookies. … Continue reading

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Writing MG

I’m learning to write MG. It might seem fairly simple, but by golly it’s not. Kids don’t know who Michael Jordan is, so there goes my funny comment about jumping high. They don’t remember Arnold Schwarzenegger from before his governor … Continue reading

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